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The Emilia-Romagna Region has always based its competitiveness on the development of the quality of its supply chains, on the territorial specializations of excellence, on a unique local subcontracting network and on the 'Made in Italy' that represents widespread well-being for the community.

The Fashion System represents an important step in this sense in the regional economy, a sector with enormous potential, to which the Emilia-Romagna Region dedicates an initiative called Fashion Valley. The initiative is aiming at bringing out priority assets for the competitiveness of the companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, and for their capacity for innovation, internationalization, attractiveness, investment.

One of the identified priority assets are the company archives.

In particular, the fashion sector in Emilia-Romagna is characterized by the capacity for invention and creativity in the "know-how" of its companies, whether brand owner or private label producers for companies of national and international relevance. It is an ability that enabled many of them to survive the 2009 crisis by re-launching their own new identity. Although not yet "archives" and with different degrees of organization and usability, the historical heritages contributed to this relaunch and are the concrete expression of this capacity.

The ERchives Portal promotes the awareness and usage of the public and private archives that in Emilia-Romagna collect and organize the knowledge heritage linked to the Fashion sector.

A first contribution to favor the emergence, consolidation and enhancement of company archives, of individual companies but also of foundations and districts, with the aim of protecting their heritage, before it is lost, and helping them to transform it in a resource for the company and for the enhancement of the brand in commercial, even international, activities.

Through the enhancement of the archives we intend also to disseminate and make available historical resources that can be a source of inspiration for the creativity of the future, attract new investments and young talents, spread the culture of innovation by approaching research, training and production creativity.

The portal was developed thanks to the contribution of the members of the Clust-ER Cultural and Creative Industries of the Emilia-Romagna with the technical support of ART-ER S. Cons. p.a.

Special thanks to all those who have provided content for the portal and in particular