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Since its establishment in 2015, FRI has decided to invest into the enhancement of the Made in Italy heritage acquiring the corporate archive of an italian textile company made up of 30,000 ancient and modern textile designs, both on paper and fabric. Among the materials, some documents testify the company's history allowing us to reconstruct the processes and professionalism that animated it from the 1970s to the 2000s. Fully cataloged and digitized for an easy consultation, the archive is open to companies, professionals and scholars who want to reintroduce the patterns into the creative and supply chain.



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Fondazione Fashion Research Italy
Via del Fonditore, 12
40138 Bologna (BO)
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Accessible only for some categories (like fashion stylists, …)


Consultation by appointment only


Both in june and november FRI provide the specialization course "Fashion Archives: Heritage Management": a two weeks-class that offers to participants an overview of the challenges related to the conservation and communication of a fashion companies’ archives, providing the specific skills needed for its set-up and management through lessons and workshops leaded by professionals fully experienced in the field.

The FRI archive also becomes protagonist of FRIxSCHOOL, a project dedicated to professional institutes in order to offer to the fashion system next operators new opportunities to test their creativity.


Technical Sheets available

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Collected objects

  • Drawings, sketches, models, press samples
    30.000 ancient and modern textile drawings both on paper and fabric completely digitized, engrave books, test cards, color charts, books of color variants, sample books and a 5.000 books library.
    Technical Sheets available
    Support: Material and digital
    Includes unique pieces
    Size of the archive: 30.000 textile designs, 5000 books
    Period: 1840 - 2013

Available services

  • Consultancy

  • Consultation


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